About us

About us:

We are proud members of the official
European AI Alliance and the German AI-Association

On our website we aggregate news and background information on all aspects of AI and machine learning in Europe or relevant to Europeans.

Our aim is to connect the dots between business and academia, startups and corporate giants, political regulators and ethicists, users and coders on the emerging European AI map. We firmly believe that Europe has to find its own path to turn Artificial Intelligence and machine learning into a technology serving humans.

We are convinced that it is high time to stir debate, how Europe can make the most of a technology changing the way we work, employ, drive, communicate, heal, take financial decisions, find partners or – to put it short – the way we live.

We consider us to be moderators, facilitators and networkers. If we can help out with contacts or ideas, keynote speeches or moderation of your AI events, workshops or AI startup safaris please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Daniel and Thomas


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AI Hub Europe has been founded by Daniel Abbou and Thomas Ramge. We met 1995 working both as reporters for the German Public Broadcasting Company ARD. Almost a quarter of a century later, Daniel had made it into the top ranks of political spokespersons in Germany. Thomas is an acclaimed book author and keynote speaker on Big Data and AI. We share the passion for all things digital and the feeling, that AI will change the world with brute force in the upcoming years. And we both are convinced: We will delegate many decisions to smart machines, but as humans we will have to decide ourselves how we should use AI.