AI to be incorporated into everyday life at Berlin’s IFA

Analysts believe that at IFA, that will open in Berlin on the 31st August 2018,  will show how AI is to tighten its grip on everyday household electronics and appliances.

Voice control and AI are two of the products that are heavily influencing the market, and this can be seen through various brands all majoring in this line of technology. For instance, South Korean Tech giant Samsung has voice control and recognition in almost all its appliances, battling it out with other tech giants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

Pundits and analysts predict that by 2020 most of the American households, 75% will have voice assistance. At the world’s largest show for consumer electronics and home appliances, companies relish the opportunity to create a lasting impression and favour from the market. The electronic consumer market is valued at $988 billion, a 0.8% increase from last year’s position despite all the factors affecting the economy negatively.


LG, a big rival to Samsung also from Korea is expected to drop its CLOi Suitbolt, a technology that is supposed to power and increase an individual’s leg strength, at the IFA 2018 show. Visitors at this year’s show will suffer great disappointment in the smartphone department as there is no major release scheduled for the IFA show, with Samsung already having unveiled its flagship device a few weeks ago and Apple history shunning the show at Berlin.

Augmented Reality

This year’s show is expected to be more about augmented reality applications, which imply digitally generated elements like sounds 2-D and 3-D images onto the real world. However, this is not all that will be on display as there will be a dozen manufacturers unveiling smart technology in fridges, Bluetooth technology, music technology, fitness technology and so much more.