Wimbledon AI-IBM uses player emotions to automatically edit Video-Highlights

IBM´s enhanced AI-powered automated video highlights for Wimbledon fans.

Wimbledon AI will edit Automated Video highlightsOk, everybody is watching the World Cup right now, but Wimbledon is just around the corner.
So here are some AI-Tennis news.

As a learning system, IBM´s Watson has been taught to better recognize player emotion by increasing the quality of the output, while also increasing speed in turnaround time by
15 minutes. AI-powered automated video highlights are generated using Watson and other video and audio technologies to bring to life the most exciting moments of The Championships from the six main Show Courts.

With an average of three matches per court, per day, video from the matches can quickly add up to hundreds of hours of footage which could take hours to pull together into highlight packages. The AI system created by IBM Research scientists and IBM iX consultants auto-IBM research about Wimbledon-AI: Are Automated Video highlights the future?curates highlights based on analysis of crowd noise, players’ movements and match data to help simplify the highlight video production process and focus on key moments in the match.

This allows the Wimbledon editorial team to scale and accelerate the video process for highlight packages and expand the number of potential matches that are turned into timely highlight videos for fans to watch and share. In addition, being able to access the content at a clips level will allow the Wimbledon editorial team to maximize their output within their allowed rights footage. IBM is perfecting this skill for Wimbledon 2018, but they already had worked on this at the 2017 US-Open, as you can see in this Video below:



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