BBC turns to Artificial Intelligence to Tell More About AI

BBC’s research and development department have come up with an artificial intelligence system, which will allow program makers and schedulers to make use of the valuable resources in its arsenal. Artificial intelligence will take over BBC and will be under the banner ‘BBC 4.1 artificial intelligence’ to commence on September 4th and 5th.


They will feature both new and classic programs which explore AI such as Made By Machine: The moment Artificial Intelligence met the Archive amongst other brilliant AI TV shows. BBC was able to find shows that were of relevance by sifting through a lot of programs dating back to 1953.

Each of the shows that were selected to be aired was based on previous schedule and characteristics, with a lot of them ranked according to the relevance they pose to BBC 4.1 artificial intelligence TV schedule.

BBC released a statement when kick-starting the artificial intelligence TV which reads, “It would take hundreds of hours by doing this manually; however, the AI gave BBC 4 a more workable choice in half the time. Schedulers and researchers were able to uncover programmes they might never have been able to get and will broadcast a range that has not been witnessed in years.”

BBC and in particular, the Research and Development department has been working on this for a while now across all its platforms. This goes out for relevant clips by artificial intelligence too, which can be used to enhance news and other related programs significantly. The programs will be a two-night experimental airing by BBC.

The channel editor of BBC 4 said, “With its brief to experiment, the media house is gripping the nettle by the hand with this daring experiment to research how AI may unlock new creative opportunities. AI TV is going to show how machine learning and artificial intelligence may influence and inform programme-creating and scheduling while resurfacing bringing back some treasures from the media house archives along the way as well.”

How AI was used to Create Made By Machine: When AI Met the Archive

The AI will first try to identify what the scene comprises of; might consist of landscapes and other factors such as objects that define the scene. People will get a glimpse of how the AI creates a compilation where each scene will follow on from the last.

The second part involves following the Artificial Intelligence, since it scans the subtitles of archive programmes and then searches for connections between the themes, words and topics piecing the footage together.

The third section involves the AI analysing the amount of activity, whether low or high and then creates a compilation, which moves to and fro, between high and low energy scenes.

The last segment is all about the AI using all it has learnt to create new content.