Czech Automaker ŠKODA Invests in AI-Startup Anadog

Škoda is now a minority shareholder in Anadog, an Israeli Company with its core in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

From the Land of Honey and Waze comes Anagog, from Tel Aviv. The Company was founded in 2010. Anadog is specialized in algorithms to analyse mobility patterns. The technologies analyse data from smartphone sensors and use these to create movement patterns. At Anagog, the data is processed by unique AI software. More than 100 Apps use their knowledge.

Here is a video about Anadog:

Škoda CEO Bernhard Maier: “With our strategic investment in the high-tech start-up Anagog, we are expanding our expertise and access to new technology. Artificial intelligence in the field of mobility plays an important role in this. Using the technologies developed by Anagog we are in a position to better understand our customers.  And as a result to offer them tailor-made solutions as a result.”

Anagog CEO Ofer Tziperman: “We are proud to have the opportunity to work with a partner as strong as Škoda. Together, we want to develop new digital solutions.”

Therefore, Škoda is pushing hard into the AI game. It already initiated collaboration with ten Start-Ups as early as the beginning of 2018. Six projects are already in the concrete project development phase. Besides that the start-ups concerned are working on developments in artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security and vehicle sensor technology.


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