CLAIRE: A European Vision for Artificial Intelligence

A call for the Establishment of a Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe was presented by leading European AI-Researchers

Key Members about the European Vision for Artificial Intelligence

Based on discussions with key members of the European AI Community, the call was prepared by Holger Hoos (Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands),
Morten Irgens (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway),
and Philipp Slusallek (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Research, Germany).

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CLAIRE: A European Vision for Artificial Intelligence

The European Vision for Artificial Intelligence Summary:

Artificial intelligence (AI) methods and technologies are posed to bring transformative change to societies and industries world-wide. The game-changing nature of AI and its role as a major driver of innovation, future growth, and competitiveness are internationally recognised. As a result, AI is at the top of national and international policy agendas around the globe.

In the United States of America, huge investments in AI are made by the private sector.  In 2017, the Canadian government started making major investments in AI research, focusing mostly on existing strength in deep learning. In 2017, China released its Next Generation AI Development Plan, with the explicit goal of attaining AI supremacy by 2030.

However, in terms of investment in talent, research, technology and innovation in AI, Europe lags far behind its competitors. As a result, the EU and associated countries are increasingly losing talent to academia and industry elsewhere. Europe needs to play a key role in shaping how AI changes the world, and, of course, benefit from the results of AI research. The reason is obvious: AI is crucial for meeting Europe’s needs to address complex challenges as well as for positioning Europe and its nations in the global market.


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