First AI-Hub Europe Lunch-Talk with Telefonica in Berlin

You are cordially invited, to our first German-speaking Lunch-Talk on June 21st 12.30 PM in Berlin in association with Telefonica.


The term “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” is mentioned ten times in the coalition agreement of the new german government. Berlin has discovered a new technoid word for itself. In the political escalation, AI is vilified either as a “workplace destroyer” and “surveillance state enabler” or exaggerated as a “digital savior” and “job machine”.  Clarification certainly helps here. What is Artificial Intelligence? How do machines learn, what can AI do today and in the foreseeable future, and what not, and where can new regulatory needs for automated decision-making emerge? On June 21st @Telefónica BASECAMP, we will answer these questions for human decision makers in Berlin who have not completed computer-science studies.The founders of AI-Hub Europe, Thomas Ramge and Daniel Abbou, lead into the basic concepts of artificial intelligence on. Together with Markus Göbel, Senior Public Relations Manager at Telefónica Deutschland, and Stefan Heumann, Member of the Board of the New Responsibility-Foundation, we discuss new demands on politics, business and regulation resulting from fundamental technical changes. You are cordially invited.