IFA 2018: Networking in the Household

There are a lot of opportunities and possibilities all of which will be on display at the IFA 2018 as demonstrated by the numerous number of cooperation and tech firms. Voice control, ordering and shopping together with object recognition are all combined in different areas.

IFA 2017
– Siemens –

For example most networked Siemens home applications can interact with different smart speakers like Amazon, which enable them to make things like voice deliveries happen. Others might include a brand new fridge that can detect food by use of a smart camera mounted on it.

Perspective 1- Connected living

IFA 2017
– Bosch –

Investing in a networked home appliance will also mean investing in the future. This is because of the countless number of possibilities that will arise to work in favour of your appliance. Siemens has set up a fitness area coupled with a rowing machine and a cross trainer, which allows users to plan their dieting and if an addition of a smartwatch if the user desires. This takes fitness to a whole new level incorporating technology with it to monitor the user’s every move such as the natural amount of time they rest or sleep.

Perspective2- Connected mobility

The next couple of years will see a positive change in the way household and commuting applications will work, with smooth integration between the two being applied. Siemens home appliances and home connect app are in collaboration with Drive2shop (an AI automotive developer) to deliver just mobility with home appliances.

After a hard day at work, this app collects data to accurately know how and when to replenish a uses consumables and recipes. This data is fed to a navigational system and car to allow shopping for the user. The road chosen is the one with the very least of obstacles and detours to a user’s house. This is just one of the very many ways smart home appliances can be integrated with mobility technology to increase convenience and simplicity to a user through technology.