The UK doesn´t want to “Brexit” on Artificial Intelligence

The UK Government is in turmoil about the right way to quit the European Union. However, concerning the field of Artificial Intelligence, the UK Government knows that it should not “Brexit”.

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In a Whitepaper released by Prime Minister Theresa May called:
“The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union”,
the UK Government explicitly named Artificial Intelligence as an issue where it wants to continue a close bond to the European Union.


The paper states: “New and emerging technologies are also creating new and shared
Challenges. The UK, therefore, proposes exploring new models for regulatory
cooperation between the UK and the EU to tackle these shared challenges and
advance shared objectives in the future.”

Also on the subject of Research and Ethics, the UK-Government does not want Brexit to push its country too far from the virtual European borders. The Whitepaper presented  after a cabinet summit in Chequers continues on the subject of Artificial Intelligence:

“…the European Commission recently committed to set up a European AI
Alliance to develop draft ethics guidelines by the end of 2018. After the UK withdraws
from the EU, the UK’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation intends to participate in
this Alliance, alongside its European partners. “

The reaction on the government blueprint on Brexit was mixed, to say the least. After the subsequent resignation of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson and Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, David Davis, the reaction in Brussels was also cautious. Micael Barnier, the chief negotiator of the EU for Brexit, said:

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“We will now analyse the Brexit White Paper, in light of EU Council guidelines. The European Union offers an ambitious Free Trade Agreement and effective cooperation on a wide range of issues, including a strong security partnership. Looking forward to negotiations with the UK next week,”


The United Kingdom will exit the European Union on the 29th of March 2019.


The Full Whitepaper can be found here