German Digital Summit in Nuremberg, Merkel: “Germany Must Be At The Forefront of AI”

“If we want growth, and thus new jobs and prosperity for all of us.” This stresses Chancellor Merkel in her latest podcast. On Tuesday, the Chancellor will take part in the Digital Summit in Nuremberg. The focus will be on artificial intelligence.

Because of the particular importance of the topic, the Federal Government has developed a “strategy Artificial Intelligence” across all departments and will feed in three billion euros by 2025 for this purpose. It will ensure that the competencies of different areas of research and production network with each other – not only within Germany but also, for example, with France.



Artificial intelligence will change work processes as well as many social processes. However, the economy should also serve people in times of digitisation, said Chancellor Merkel. The subject of Artificial Intelligence must be illuminated from all angles – from both scientific-technical and ethical aspects.

“Everything that can be digitised will also be digitised,” says Merkel. Thus, in the age of the “Internet of Things”, data could be much better evaluated using artificial intelligence. Even self-learning systems would bring better results. This has not only for medicine and energy research but also for the people very practical meaning – such as in translations or image recognition.

The digital summit will take place on Monday in Nuremberg. Digitalisation experts from science, industry, society and politics will meet there. The annual Digital Summit aims to shape the digital transformation.