German Government approves Strategy Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Germany wants to become one of the world’s leading location for artificial intelligence. 

The Key-issue paper which the Cabinet of Angela Merkel just approved, states: “Usable, high-quality data must be significantly increased without violating personal rights, the right to informational self-determination or other fundamental rights. Data from the public sector and science are increasingly being opened up for AI research, enabling their economic and public benefit use in the sense of an open-data strategy.”

The paper was introduced by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek: “Scientists in the field of AI should come to Germany, and working conditions should also be made as attractive as possible for the next generation. Additional professorships for AI should be established with the countries. In addition, new ways of promoting research are being pursued: an agency for leap innovations should be founded, which will also take on the subject of artificial intelligence.”

 Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier: “Artificial intelligence is not just any innovation – it is a basic innovation that will change and improve our economy and our lives as a whole. Therefore, we do not want artificial intelligence applications to be developed and implemented anywhere in the world, but here in Germany and Europe.

Labor Minister Hubertus Heil: “We want to be at the forefront of key technologies such as artificial intelligence. From the point of view of labor policy, however, this also means that we must invest just as much in people’s skills as in technology. One task of the new Think-Tank “Digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft” in the Federal Ministry of Labor will therefore be to identify internationally good examples of human-centered applications of artificial intelligence or intelligent tools and systems in the world of work. The focus is on the employees – the development of their abilities and talents.”

You can read the whole paper here, sadly only in German: