German Government Invest 3 Billion Euros in AI

The federal government wants to invest 3 billion euros in artificial intelligence. This emerges from the Governments Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, reported by the German Newspaper “Handelsblatt”

Cabinet of Germany

“With the federal budget of 2019, the German government will initially provide a total of 500 million euros to strengthen the AI strategy for 2019 and subsequent years. By the end of 2025, the federal government intends to make a total of around 3 billion euros available for implementing the strategy, “it states. The leverage effect of this commitment to business, science and countries will at least double these funds.

The strategy includes many concrete measures to improve research, education, training and transfer to concrete business models in the field of AI. At least 100 additional professorships in the field of AI should be created. The Federal Government also sees a focus in the field of knowledge transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises. The majority of companies in Germany, especially in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises, do not yet have AI expertise, according to the paper. The Federal Government wants to further expand competence centres and set up laboratories where new technologies can be tested. The Federal Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Labor should also develop an AI transfer concept

The German Government intends to subject the AI strategy in early 2020 to a review and further development.