Sipila and Macron on the same wavelength with Defence and Artificial Intelligence

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila and French President Macron presented a joint initiative for artificial intelligence.

Sipila stated in a press conference that their joint initiative was mutual and natural to further advance the existing defence and technology between the 2 states. The European Union has taken steps to ensure that the defence but most importantly the industrial development, which includes Artificial Intelligence.



The two states are working to develop far much stronger research units and better innovation policies. They also endorse and fully support the notion of exploring all the opportunities and possibilities that AI offers and respond swiftly to the concerns that it brings with it. Artificial intelligence and other forms of innovation must promote fair, participatory and humane digitisation, as the EU statement claims.


Sipila feels like the European cooperation and unity has massively improved over the past couple of years but admits to the influence the outside world has over Europe.

Macron, outlined in his speech regarding artificial intelligence in France, €1.5 billion to support research in this field. This will be an attempt to cover the ground spread by USA and China, who are far ahead in this particular area. This will also be an attempt to hold onto the brightest and most talented personnel because they prefer to work in the two mentioned countries.


Emmanuel Macron interviewed by WIRED about France’s AI Strategy

This move will see a great change and a positive impact in almost all the industries such as healthcare, automotive, communication, trade and so much more. France and Europe, in general, will also look to capitalize on the mistakes the two global leaders have made in data as they will seek to provide users with a more private transparent and resolute approach to data and cloud storage. Mr. Macron feels that it is important for the human aspect to first develop before any other form of technology can develop. The partnership between the two countries will see them become the first among many to conjure and integrate artificial intelligence with most of their system in a technology revolution. Artificial intelligence will definitely boost the economy with different and better ways of trading and communication.




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